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The Secret Life of Pets June 2016

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Snowball is a sweet white The Secret Life of Pets nonsense. Leveret who would act to no fly a little bit zuleide . From because of the cheeky superclever killer hare with sloping humor is the real. Star of the new domestic animal comedy Pets which clears up us about what our beloved four-legged friends make real if we leave in the morning the house.

watch The Secret Life of Pets online

Kevin Hart speaks the diabolical hares in the American original version. And was immediately enthusiastically from the role. “The idea of the film was distinguished and to speak the view, an eccentric animation figure simply too temptingly. These are the roles which give mostly pleasure to improvise with many facets and the possibility, to invent situations and to deepen the action. Watch The Secret Life of Pets Online I would do it any time again. What my first time. I had big luck!

Real hero of the film the loyal dog Max who loves his little woman. About everything and spends the day best behind the front door to wait for them. They are kidnapped in the park by dog catchers the beginning of a big adventure.

Kevin Hart is even a domestic animal owner and would do everything for the dear Viecher. “I had this mad phase in which I bought to my dogs much unnecessary stuff which they never used, like basket, or water jets which the dog can serve supposedly by paw pressure. I have bought even a dog television to them. This is a device which one to the wall fixes on dog height. And if he it with the snout anstupst, begins the screen. My dogs have switched on this thing not once

Universally Pictures makes with Pets a lot right, one considers the target group. Many knuffige animals who experience an adventure and find out how important friendship is. So far so good. However, then after a strong and sweet beginning the whole flows rather expectable in a usual story what is a pity absolutely, because many good ideas seem which could have made the film with another beginning really well. From half Pets becomes even rather tough and does not want to end felt, although the term reaches no 90 minutes. Besides, one must accuse the doers, unfortunately that in the approach just to the Intro was betrayed by Pets to a lot. One knows many gags already from trailers and thus the hobbies of the animals catch fire during the absence of her masters or little women only partially and the for example absolutely great gag with the poodle it seems as a Running gag several times, however, is simply already known. Probably to the cinemagoer who does not know yet so much about the film.

There is a clear break, because instead of showing the animals in such a way that her action would make sense in the real life for people (it would act Pixar), the animals are put in absurd situations, drive a car, provide for accidents and traffic chaos – and it really strikes no one. Above all because the film is in the original “The Secret Life of Pets”, so “The confidential life of the domestic animals” – only can be of secretly no speech, except the owners are straw-stupid or blind. Pity also that current clichés are served cats are either nasty, fat or ugly. Rather rebarbative anyway. Hallooo? We talk about cats! Why the Internet probably exists to 90% of cat’s pictures and cat’s videos?!

Unfortunately, Pets from “does not break Sweetly is over want” and does not question some points critically, although there are enough attempts. Though it sounds through that the animals are poor in it if they must live in the canalisation and develop understandable-wise a Brass on her ex-masters, but this is not enough and could have been taken up – even humorously – clearly critical. Also the final scene if by the windows in the dusk every inhabitant of New York returns in his mini-flat and hits on his respective animal friend may become before the background of the protection of animals questions. Everybody leaves alone his domestic animal during the day for hours, only to be in the evening not only – and this is not at all in order, above all because most animals are held anything but appropriate to the species in the film. Also one must be no Veganer not to find the sausage factory as a paradise with the dancing Minion well-behaved small sausages which are only much too consumed with pleasure, completely so amusing. Clear, once dogs dear meat, but behind all this Leckerlis put feeling living beings which were processed. To aim nowadays here only at the fun factor, although we know it everybody better, leaves a bitter aftertaste. Or if a sponsor is even behind all.

Universally Pictures tries it with petite animals who take us in Pets on an absurd trip. If almost only the “confidential life” of the domestic animals and her predilections suggests the film trailers at home if master or little woman are not there during the day, however, the story does not offer more – but also again enough to become dangerous Pixar.

Max loves his little woman. Differently one cannot describe this, because dog and Katie are a unity. However, the familiar togetherness is disturbed abruptly as with Duke a woolly giant from the animal home move holds which makes clear fast that with him well cherries do not eat is. When both dogs are forgotten with the Gassigehen by the inattentive student, her adventure begins: From dog catchers hunted and in the canalisation on put out ex home animals appropriately, develops an adventure which Max and Duke are not forgotten so fast and a lot of them demands.

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